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never be seen in public in sweats

When you’re sitting for hours at a time on a plane, especially in ever-shrinking seats, ease of movement is

paramount. For many people that means a pair of sweatpants or leggings but, despite knowing that sportswear will be

significantly more flexible when I squeeze into my row, I just can't bring myself to wear color-block compression

leggings or an Adidas adidas kleidung damen günstig tracksuit while


I'm a "jeans as comfort" kind of dresser, but that doesn't mean I haven't made a few mistakes in fully embracing the

denim as travel-wear life. (I've seen firsthand that overalls don't bode well for airplane bathrooms and that wearing

a pair high-waisted vintage jeans adidas jacke damen will

likely end with a few undone buttons mid-flight.)

The key, I’ve realized, is two equal but not exclusive elements: stretch and width. I know I’m not alone in the

desire to never be seen in public in sweats, so below find a list of the best jeans to wear while traveling, no matter

the length of your flight. adidas jacke damen sale No

unbuttoning or awkward bathroom moments required.

This L.A.-based brand set out to create an objectively “perfect” pair of jeans—the result is a flattering and

comfortable skinny pant that tapers at the ankle. All of Mott & Bow's jeans are made of high-quality textiles and sold

at a fraction of the price of traditional designer jeans. These look great with a pair of sneakers, giving them the

airport adidas hose damen sale comfort seal of approval.


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